Immersed in music and its exciting culture from a very young age, it wouldn’t be long at all before the young boy known as Ricky Schneider would discover his own incredible talents and begin to perform live at only fourteen years old. Relying on his astounding natural abilities & instincts, this enthusiastic & hard-working electro-artist quickly made a name for himself in the underground music-scene of Switzerland; and as the young boy born back in 1995 became a man, SickStrophe was born.

Support for his music increases daily through his social media, but SickStrophe has also gained the support of some major-players in today’s electro-scene like Benga, DJ Bl3nd, Brillz, Grandtheft and Alvaro all in his corner. He’s attracted some of the most in-depth sources for electro on the internet and been featured through as well as the extremely-popular YouTube channels like Trap Nation and Ma Electro.

Music-fans both locally and globally became immediately interested in the new vibe & creations in Trap, Dubstep and Electro being put together in creative & innovative new ways through the vibrant mixes of SickStrophe. Producing some of the most versatile & sonically-dynamic music out there today and playing the top hot-spots & biggest clubs in Switzerland; he’s an electrifying entertainer fully committed to his craft and both the crowd & industry have noticed.

With a firm grip on his adaptable & charismatic performances, an unmatched work-ethic and support coming from him at all angles of his career; SickStrophe continues to outwork, outplay & outlast the rest through his stunning music and production. 2015 will be no exception as he pushes the limits of his creativity and takes the stage by storm with his engaging, enigmatic electro-music – join the disease & get sick!