Los Angeles, United States

Many thanks to KSHMR for the official Twitter-follow and playing SickStrophe’s “Memories Remix” from the Tomorrowland main-stage in 2017 to a massive audience – appreciate the support & the love!  Check out the video with KSHMR on stage at this link here!


Los Angeles, United States

Shout-out to Dillon Francis for being a massive supporter of SickStrophe’s music!  Not only did he add the music directly to his own personal Spotify playlists, he also tweeted to the world about how much he likes SickStrophe – check it out here!


Utrecht, Netherlands

Shout-out to a solid friend and amazing DJ – Wiwek and SickStrophe have played a show together in the past (see photo) and Wiwek also played Sickstrophe’s “Tropicana Remix” at the Ultra Music Festival OWSLA Stage – have a listen at this Soundcloud link!


Mannheim, Germany

Thanks for following at Soundcloud and for the incredible memories from touring together!  Check out this badass photo and then watch the footage & awesomeness of the live-set from last year (Virtual Riot playing SickStrophes VIP's Remix) right here!


Toronto, Canada

Huge supporter of SickStrophe and the respect is entirely mutual!  Grandtheft follows SickStrophe on Soundcloud and offered the opportunity to remix his track “Keep It 100” – and now he plays it at every show!  Click to see him playing it LIVE right here and check this photo out from the VIP section too!


Philadelphia, United States

On the Diplo & Friends Show, Diplo’s given genuine support to SickStrophe’s music by playing “Helium” (Feat. Ger3to) and the “Keep It 100 Remix back 2 back with Grandtheft – many thanks!  Find the Diplo & Friends Show featuring SickStrophe by clicking right here!


Los Angeles, United States

Big-ups to Kill The Noise!  SickStrophe stayed in touch with Kill The Noise on the regular through e-mail after playing shows together.  Massive respect for this extremely talented artist and he’s always been down to listen to the latest music that SickStrophe’s creating.  Check out what’s real on Instagram!


Los Angeles, United States

Huge shout-out to the one & only Shaquille O’Neal!  He’s a legendary basketball player and a former rapper – he’s also now currently an analyst on Inside The NBA, a music DJ…and a SickStrophe fan!  Support from DJ Diesel came directly from the man himself as he played SickStrophe’s “Memories Remix” at Tomorrowland when he got behind the decks in 2017 – have a look!


Los Angeles, United States

Brillz spins SickStrophe tracks all across the globe and follows the music personally at Soundcloud – and for that, I thank him!


Los Angeles, United States

Many thanks to DJ BL3ND for following SickStrophe on Soundcloud and constantly spinning the tracks around the globe wherever you go – you’re a hero & a true brother!


Los Angeles, United States

Massive shout-out to a huge supporter that’s always willing to listen to a new demo tune, idea or creation from SickStrophe – we got to know each other before a show and the love, respect & support continues strongly to this very day.  Check this photo out!​


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Cheers and thanks for playing the VIP’s SickStrophe Remix on your radio show – check it out right here!


Almere, Netherlands

DJ Alvaro, let it be said and let it be known to everyone here – you’re the man!  I appreciate your support from all the tracks of SickStrophe that you’ve played around the world to following SickStrophe personally on Soundcloud – thank-you!


Brussels, Belgium

A huge inspiration and the man behind Kannibalen Records, which features incredible names like Snails, Apashe, Dabin, Kai Wachi, Haezer, Dead Battery, Karluv Klub and many more.  Lektrique spun the SickStrophe “Invisible Children Remix” on official Kannibalen Radio – check it out for yourself right here!


Los Angeles, United States

Extremely well-known vocal-artist Sanjin has been a part of some of the world’s most massive songs through working with the biggest names in EDM out there today, like DVBBS.  Their collaboration on “Pyramids” was a huge highlight already – and the remix from SickStrophe ended up being listened to by Sanjin, who personally reached out to say just how much he loved it!


Stockholm, Sweden

Thanks to Garmiani for sharing the SickStrophe remix of “Pyramids” with the original creators DVBBS & Sanjin and personally recommending that they check it out – truly appreciated!



We bonded while touring together the club-circuit for a few shows and life has seriously never been the same since!  Here’s the photo-evidence to prove it – click here!

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Supporters, Friends & Family